Are you the one?


Are you passionate about Revolutionizing Agriculture Sector In

Reveal your
inner talent

We believe in nurturing talent to become the best version of themselves by providing a fostering environment for them to grow, gain confidence, and push their limits to achieve the unimaginable.


Behind every great product is a great team. We are passionate, results-oriented and think big. Zamindars are fully empowered and have the freedom to explore and make mistakes. But in the end, we are united by our urgency to transform AgriTech in Pakistan.

Be Relentless

Be fiercely competitive, not taking no for an answer, and extremely persistent while chasing your goals

Communicate well
& often

Communicate downward,upwards, and laterally. Givefeedback, take feedback

Be of service

We have a responsibility to deliver the greatest experiences to our Customers and Businesses; drive progress in our Communities; and gift Colleagues with recognition and feedback.

To the moon and beyond

We think and act BIG because we have unlimited potential to raise the bar … and we’re always humble while we do it.

Be an owner

We want everyone to speak up and take initiative at Zamindar. Own it to the finish line and collaborate as one awesome team

Be 1% better everyday

Raise your game, every day!